Free webinar @Thomson Reuters: Corporate mindfulness for lawyers

February 22 2018 14.00-15.00 CET

Link: (see link under “Recent posts” on the right hand side)

Head Researcher at LPP, Jens Näsström, will be reviewing groundbreaking research and factors that drive performance among lawyers, presenting the case for corporate mindfulness as one of the most promising protocols for boosting efficacy in legal settings. He will also explain the relevance of corporate mindfulness in the legal industry; present validated outcomes from law firms; and share my favourite tips on how to better manage the intense work life of a lawyer.

To be discussed by the panel:

  • Research on factors that enhances efficacy and reduces stress among lawyers.
  • The business case for corporate mindfulness for lawyers: why and what is it?
  • Take away tips and suggestions for a more effective, yet calmer workday.

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