Lawyer Performance Project

Mission Statement

The Lawyer Performance Project is dedicated to producing groundbreaking research that will generate a practically applicable understanding and framework of the factors that help lawyers to flourish both personally and professionally.

Current research projects

Qualitative and Quantitative Survey of 12 Law Firms on Leadership and Lockdown (May-June 2020)
Qualitative Research on Impact of Lockdown on Business Law Firm (April 2020)

Interviews with 48 members on all positions at a major law firm.

Stress in female company lawyers (Fall 2019-) in collaboration with an international
Levelling the playing field for female lawyers in law firms (Fall 2019-January 2020)

a. Decreased staff turnover among female associates.
b. An actionable road map for increasing the proportion of female partners in law firms. 

Stress in female company lawyers (Fall 2019-) in collaboration with an international 

Identifying the factors that could explain why female company lawyers report thirty percent more stress than their male colleagues. 

Quantitative assessment of stress in corporate counsels (Spring 2019) in collaboration with the Swedish Company Lawyers Association

Analysis of surveys of 250+ corporate counsels. 

3. Defining and operationalising efficacy in law firms (Spring 2017-)
4. Assessing sexual harassment in Swedish law firms (Fall 2017-Spring 2019)
A. Developing a survey that maps harassment and discrimination based on gender in among legal workers.
B. Assessing frequency and type of harassment and discrimination in Swedish law firms.
C. Developing a plan to counteract harassment and discrimination.
D. Running a seminar on findings of the survey and research in the field. 

5. National study of lawyers in collaboration with the Swedish Bar Association (2017)

A. Comparing data with previous study in 2005 – what has happened to lawyers in the interviening years?
B. Assessing new factors that predict well-being and efficacy in lawyers. 
C. Asking qualitative questions to learn more of the challenges of IT, and strategies adapated to manage them, as well as the development in the profession in the past decade. 
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