Lawyer Performance Project

23 Aug: Myth busting in HR management in law firms #1: Women lawyers leave the practice of law more often because they choose to prioritize family over work

I would like to stimulate the discussion about HR management in law firms by sharing research conclusions that seriously calls into question common notions in the legal industry. I’ll do so once a week, to see just how many such discrepancies I can identify. I will start with a theme that I have spent quite a bit researching in the last year in the wake of the #metoo movement – Inclusion and Diversity in law firms based on Gender. Common notion: Women lawyers are more prone to leave their workplace because…

25 Jan: Presentation @The Law Society – Law Management Section: People in practice 2018: Increased efficacy and reduced stress: the case for corporate mindfulness in law firms

February 28 2018 The Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1PL   • What is wrong with current talent management in law firms? • Which skills and traits can be empirically linked with efficacy and success among lawyers? • Why corporate mindfulness is one of the most promising protocols for boosting efficacy in legal settings • The relevance

25 Jan: Free webinar @Thomson Reuters: Corporate mindfulness for lawyers

February 22 2018 14.00-15.00 CET Link: (see link under “Recent posts” on the right hand side) Head Researcher at LPP, Jens Näsström, will be reviewing groundbreaking research and factors that drive performance among lawyers, presenting the case for corporate mindfulness as one of the most promising protocols for boosting efficacy in legal settings. He will also explain the relevance of corporate mindfulness in the legal industry; present validated outcomes from law firms; and share my favourite tips on how to better manage the intense work life of a lawyer….

30 Nov: Prevalence of sexual harassment among lawyers in general, and law firms in particular

Incidence rates vary from one in four Australian female lawyers to two in five female barristers in Great Britain to two thirds female lawyers in a study of LegalWeek. More than 60% American female lawyers working in the private sector had experienced some form of sexual harassment in the workplace, while another source reported that almost two-thirds of women lawyers in the U.S. reported experiencing sexual harassment in their law firms. One paper emphasized the particular challenge in law firms and concluded that “the evidence of discrimination in private firms…

20 Nov: Senior business lawyer Karin Nordborg joins the sexual harassment assessment initiative

We are very pleased that senior business lawyer Karin Nordborg is joining us for the project on assessing sexual harassment in law firms. Karin has over twenty years of experience from the legal industry and was partner in a prominent Swedish business law firm before starting her own practice. Thus, she brings an invaluable experience and perspective as an experienced female business lawyer to this project.

19 Nov: A selection of online readings on sexual harassment among lawyers

It is abundantly clear that more information and knowledge about sexual harassment among lawyers. To that end, we have pulled together a selection of online readings on the topic. Some context on the extend of the problem

18 Nov: Research initiative to support the #medvilkenrätt campaign and fight sexual harassment in the legal sector

Following the #metoo campaign, about 6.000 Swedish legal professionals have signed an appeal with the hashtag #medvilkenrätt (roughly, #withwhatright) to address sexual harassment in the legal sector, with 15.000 joining the Facebook group. This is an amazing impetus for real change in the legal world, but how can follow through be achieved? The#medvilkenrätt appeal itself points to the next logical step: Reactions such as “management were not aware of this,” or a questioning of why these things have “not been brought up previously” are not unusual. This indicates a lack…